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Thursday, February 12, 2009

February Blues

Really, it's been enough of this February already. I could very well skip right into summer and I would love that. February seems, (if it's not only me) that it's prime time of cold and flu season. Brrr. Not only is everyone sick, everyone still decides to spread their germs in public places.

Students continue to drag themselves to school because they can't afford to miss school. Adults can't afford to miss work time so they, too, drag themselves into wherever they need to go to. But the truth is, a person can't get better that way. No wonder why cold and flu season here in Canada supposedly lasts from November-April. Terrible.

A while ago, I came across a study that claimed vitamin C is not a remedy for colds. Nor does it do a significant job in preventing it. I was shocked - I had put my absolute faith in orange juice for every cold I had ever gotten. How did the whole vitamin C thing come up anyway? Now that I think of it I didn't get any better after filling up on buckets of Vitamin C. Don't quote me on the study: I saw it SOMEWHERE. But it raises an interesting question nonetheless: what if all the stuff we believed in really came from an old-wives tale or a myth? How would we ever know that what we grew up to believe was actually not true without educational institutions questioning these traditional policies?

Anyways, as I was saying. It's February blues to the max for me and I must get rid of my cold soon. I'm dragging myself in tomorrow, aren't I? Better get some of that lemon and honey tea. Mom always said vitamin C was the key for fighting them sicknesses.

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