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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Legacy

The legacy of the Chuck Taylor Generation will never end.

Forgive me on being cliche with this post, but I felt that I needed to make and reiterate this point. Pull open any magazine that showcases the sporty chic... and the high-top clad models will never fail you.

Built for complete convenience, style, comfort (although not exactly ease of wearing), the Converse High Tops will not only continue to represent the original basketball shoe, it will remain as the universal and affordable practical yet cool shoe of the century. The rich and the poor, the rock boys and the prep girls... may no one be left behind.

And today, I salute you, Mr. Chuck Taylor.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Buckle, Oh.

This season's boots, like the one shown here on the left (Franco Sarto, $120, mean to me the ultimate question: buckle or no buckle? The buckle has always been a touchy subject to me. To elaborate, fashion crimes with specific tools (such as the buckle boot) lead me to think uneasy about such articles of "fashion". And unfortunately, said boot has long been a victim. Black pleather buckle boots with the rubber flat sole, no heel. I shudder even thinking back about it. And countless offense after each other, I began to be skeptic.

19 pairs of leather, suede, gum and sheepskin boots later, I can safely tell you I haven't even come close to considering a pair of les bottes avec buckle. Not even close. But designers such as Steve Madden and labels such as Chanel have and are fearlessly incorporating such styles this year and previous seasons. The claim: an accentuation on lovely slim calves, or an demonstration of a simple chic, easily obtained. But I will tell you, fearful fashionistas, that if you can prove me wrong I salute you.
The decision is yours. The magazine ads don't lie. And neither, I can assure you, do I. When it comes to the shunned victims of fashion abuse, I have composed a lengthy list.

Don't even get me started.

BEG to differ... by leaving your comment.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Combined Forces

Rei Kawakubo (left), the brainchild of Comme Des Garcons, and arguably one of the world's most creative fashion designers with her own unique message in her designs, has combined forces with the Swedish fashion "empire" of H&M. I happen to be an H&M VIP, I can't get enough of them. The Japanese entrepreneur/designer and founder of a $30 million profiting clothing chain has created many works of art for H&M featuring black and white polka dot ensembles on women who really represent the blonde image of her. Not that the heavy black liner is the same, just the hair. Nevertheless, Kawakubo stated that designing for this fashion giant was "interesting". This new line of must-haves will hit stores a week after its premiere in Japan. Stay true to your own, as they always say.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kudos to Interpretation

It's true - every country's city gals have a unique style, one that shows their nation's origins or role models in fashion. For example, in North America we have a standard for "classy" and "casual" as well as "walk down the street chic" that we subconsciously KNOW. Likewise, in countries such as Japan and Korea, we see the norm reflecting off their fashion influences- mainly here, in the West.

But here's the catch: these evolutionary Oriental nations have interpreted our status quo into something that resembles our attire, but changed it as well. For example, they take our everyday denim and add grunge textures and hobo shapes that are then brought back into America for further refining and voila! production. Inevitably, they have evolved our way of thinking in terms of style and have brought it further. The denim shortalls have become a denim dress and tights affair. Never before has the full bangs look been so now.

With change comes more change and new ideas. What couldn't we love about this?

Kudos to our international sisters for this revolutionary process.

Any questions for style tips and fashion in general, make your mark with a comment.

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