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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kudos to Interpretation

It's true - every country's city gals have a unique style, one that shows their nation's origins or role models in fashion. For example, in North America we have a standard for "classy" and "casual" as well as "walk down the street chic" that we subconsciously KNOW. Likewise, in countries such as Japan and Korea, we see the norm reflecting off their fashion influences- mainly here, in the West.

But here's the catch: these evolutionary Oriental nations have interpreted our status quo into something that resembles our attire, but changed it as well. For example, they take our everyday denim and add grunge textures and hobo shapes that are then brought back into America for further refining and voila! production. Inevitably, they have evolved our way of thinking in terms of style and have brought it further. The denim shortalls have become a denim dress and tights affair. Never before has the full bangs look been so now.

With change comes more change and new ideas. What couldn't we love about this?

Kudos to our international sisters for this revolutionary process.

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ms_carter38 said...

Hey babey
U are so right! I see people like that at school and i used to wonder about their peculiar style. now i know... it's relly like that.

Anonymous said...

nice blog!the world needs people like u!
I'll read your next post!