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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Even Fashionistas Take Holidays

Fashionistas and Potentials,

It's that time of year again.

Boxing week in Canada has not gone as good as we have expected it to.

Here in Vancouver, the downtown sales are just good enough to drag people out of their beds and brave the slush to get their hands on a 25% off pea coat or trench for January. But not enough to allow them a few hours to dig through the jeans in hopes of a perfect fit. Who has that kind of time, anyway, when the sale isn't even worth it?

Disappointing, and with all that talk of economic failure you'd think that the stores would muster up some sort of a mind-blowing deal that could save themselves. Once again, consumerism sits outside the store windows just waiting for a cue to come rescue the corporations.

In reality, it's not that bad. Robson Street (see picture) is still lively, as is the Pacific Center. In the suburbs, retailers gather up more courage. Similarly, some stores beat out others in a race to have their labels on your backs.

Still, this one fashionista thinks that the time is definitely not right.

Yours, tried and true.

One Fashionista.

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