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Thursday, February 26, 2009

My 20 Most Favorite Youtube Stars

Here are top 20 favorite youtube singers of all time in no particular order:
(apologies in advance for spelling errors)
  1. rin on the rox
  2. jennifer chung
  3. singindork888
  4. esme denters
  5. justin bieber
  6. blackbarbieafra
  7. frostypeoples
  8. chrinkiekittie
  9. misskimberlee
  10. danjt87
  11. mariemicaelareyes
  12. jessica sanchez
  13. aj rafael
  14. alyssa bernal
  15. cathy nguyen
  16. anonymoussingersback
  17. jennifer newberry
  18. xcaroolyn
  19. msxjenxie
  20. bexboop878


they are on their way to fame. some of these artists are signed, some are not. but anyway, it is amazing what these people do. props ..

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